Ditson Drive Road Closures Beginning Tuesday, October 8th

More work will be occurring this fall as the East Expansion Project enters the final stages.

Ditson Drive will see the addition of asphalt this year as part of the final stages of the project. After consultation with the Council and the engineering contractor and paving crew and other factors such as weather conditions and the importance of the roadway network the Town decided to include paving for 2019.

Since settling is bound to occur after deep excavation, the project will receive a final levelling course within 1-5 years after full compaction of the area.

Ditson Drive will be undergoing:

  • further subgrade preparation;
  • installation of a roadway geotextile;
  • addition of subbase and base material;
  • addition of a 75 mm asphalt layer all to be completed this fall
  • The final step of this project is will consist of a planned 50 mm overlay and leveling course of asphalt to be added to Ditson in approximately 1-5 years following final compaction of this area.  This shall be timed based on compaction and should correct any settling that shall occur.

Ditson Drive is a main roadway within Kindersley, the road closures will require patience from residents and motorists. Detours will be in place to reach the Kindersley Regional Park, Rosedale Subdivision and the Golfview Mobile Acres.

The town estimates the completion to be late next week.


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