The Best Kept Secret

All of the above and much more describes the constant activity of Somerville farms, headquartered in Eatonia, Saskatchewan.

If you watch the regional roads, you will see the silver and blue decaled semi-trucks rolling along highways and grid roads. But, regional roads are not the only place Somerville Farms trucks are to be found. Venture into the north-western and mid-western United States and those Somerville trucks are there. Venture from B.C. to Manitoba and across western Canada and the trucks are there. Venture into Ontario and Pennsylvania’s and the trucks are there. These semi’s travel to Washington, California, Texas, Oregon, Indiana, Illinois, Colorado and Nevada – to name a few of the customer locations.

Venture into the future and the Somerville trucks will be there – across the continent.

When you first enter the company property you are struck with the large shop and numbers of trucks that dominate the grounds. The building has four truck bays, three include space for trailers and a full truck wash.

Somerville Work Bay – Photo by Jenny Hagan/Back Road Photography

While the shop specializes in mechanical services for oil companies, semi-truck owners and their own semi-fleet. The shop is SGI certified for Heavy Truck, Power Unit, Trailer and Semi-trailer inspections. An assortment of trucks, including Kenwoth, Western Star, Peterbilt, Freightliner and International trucks, have moved their truck bays. As well, on-road diagnostics, repairs and mechanical services.

Somerville Farms – Photo by Jenny Hagan/Back Road Photography

The trucking landscape is changing. With the failure of railways to provide the hauling of goods in a reasonable time frame, truck transport has become increasingly vital to the economy of Canadians. The company is proud to transport Canadian food products to American consumers and bring fresh food items back to our Canadian tables.

Somerville Farms’ impact on the transportation of goods is increasing each day. This company’s roots stem from transporting grain, fertilizer, pulses and other agriculture products in the Grain Division across Western Canada. The Grain Division has traditionally been support by growers in Western Canada. For this, we are grateful for the support states Bryan Somerville, President/Owner. With the recent play to establish second division as continental carrier or long haul division stretching carrying goods that include food products and more.

Truck Wash at Somerville Farms – Photo by Jenny Hagan/Back Road Photography

To maintain a reputable transportation company, the owners employ professional drivers. Driving the rigs is more than a job – those steering these tonnes of metal do this as their profession (“this is what I do and I’m proud of it!”). The Somerville’s fleet reflects the diversity with in our country. In the past two years, welcomed onto fleet two female drivers, and newcomers from Korea, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine and East India. As the company progresses and expands, they are currently seeking additions to their professional driving team.

Somerville Farms – Photo by Jenny Hagan/Back Road Photography

The display of rolling stock and the size of the main office and shop of Somerville Farms leaves you thinking that this company is destined for greatness. At the heart of the company are the founders – the creators of their destiny.

Somerville’s have been a part of the region for over a century. Their own community involvement has helped create a spirit of welcome and enthusiasm in the area. They are known for their honesty, integrity and reliability. They have built a North American based on solid Saskatchewan values “Our reputation is your business” is their motto.

Just a small-town in Saskatchewan with a North American footprint. This could be the Best Kept Secret!

Feature Image: Jenny Hagan/Back Road Photography 

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