SPOKES, Kindersley Family Resource Centre, celebrated their 10th Anniversary in the town of Kindersley just last week.

With warm weather, hot dogs, cupcakes and games, the celebration highlighted the focus of the non-profit organization—the individuals of the Kindersley area.

Spokes Family Resource Centre, commonly shortened to just “Spokes,” aims to provide a place where anyone can go to gain information, resources, referrals or services that are available in the Kindersley area.  According to Krista Giefer, a Family Coordinator at Spokes Family Resource Centre, “Spokes also facilitates the use of programs and services of multiple groups and organizations within the community by advertising, advocating and providing support and space for these programs to run.”

The idea for Spokes in Kindersley started back in 2007 when a needs assessment was conducted by Angela Malcolm, the Regional Kids First Community Developer for the Saskatchewan Health Authority. The finished assessment was studied at a following KICS (Kindersley Integrated Children’s Services) meeting where it was decided to start a new community organization which would connect families and individuals with programs and services in the Kindersley area.  Thus, Spokes was born in 2008, and it continues to fill in the gaps for the Kindersley area.

“Primarily, this means assisting people to find the right services for them,” Krista Giefer explained. “Often this means we assist low-income families and newcomers to Kindersley connect with the service providers that will best suit their needs.”

Spokes partners closely with resources/services such as the Saskatchewan Health Authority, the West Central Crisis and Family Resource Centre, the Salvation Army, the Kindersley Food Bank, and Social Services.  With this kind of interaction between all of the varied services, Spokes lives up to its stated mission to connect the community and foster a family-friendly community.

The Spokes welcoming Facebook page shows just how willing Spokes is to support this kind of family-friendly community. “If you are in town, want to have a place to rest for a little bit, have the kids play for a bit, feed your child in a comfortable and welcoming environment…then drop in. We have a play and reading area; a coffee area; a visiting area; a bathroom. Our goal is to have you as a family feel comfortable in our space, utilize it and enjoy it.”

Spokes not only supports folks by giving them space to rest and connecting them with services, but they also host a donation and exchange center for clothing and children’s toys.  “People can bring in their used clothing and can exchange them, at no cost, for clothing that we have on hand.”

Krista also added that members of the community can come and find clothing that they need even if they have very little to exchange. Individuals and businesses can help facilitate this positive exchange by donating gently used clothing and children’s toys to the center. Due to the limited storage space, household item donations are not accepted at this time. Spokes are always appreciative of volunteer help to maintain the drop in exchange.

Spokes is open Mondays – Fridays from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and is located upstairs in the Clearview Community Church on Main Street. Folks can drop in or make an appointment by contacting them at (306) 463-1442 or email at

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