“Hunger doesn’t take a holiday in summer.”

As I sat across from Linda Resch, president of the Kindersley Food Bank, I soon realized why June is the national hunger awareness month.

According to Resch, when summer ramps up, it’s easy to get so busy with extra sports, vacations and summer projects that we forget those who struggle to put food on the table—that’s one good reason for June to bring the issue of hunger back into our line of sight.

Just because we are already half a year from Christmas doesn’t mean that many are no longer in need of basic food and supplies.  “Just today I finished packing over 65 hampers for people in the Kindersley, Eston and Eatonia areas—hunger is real.” When asked what she would say to those who do not believe hunger is an issue in the Kindersley area, Resch replied: “Honestly, if you think you aren’t seeing hunger, then you aren’t looking hard enough.”

The Kindersley Food Bank has been in operation for over 12 years, and Resch spoke of the amazing chance to give others a hand during a tough time.  “I’ve seen people crying, saying thank you, and relieved beyond words because they have food to give to their kids. Once I said to a gentleman, ‘I’m not giving you a hand out, I’m giving you a hand up,’ and that basically sums up what we do.”

Hamper days are once a month on Thursdays, all applications for food hampers must be submitted by the 15th of each month.

Lately, the Food Bank has been making up hampers to an average of 6,000 pounds of food each month, or 72,000 pounds of food products each year.

“Without generous cash and food donations, it would be very hard to keep that volume of food available for those who need it.”  Resch noted that anyone who wanted to donate to the Kindersley Food Bank could contact the Food Bank number at 306-460-7022 or send cash donations to Box 1642 Kindersley, SK, S0L 1S0.

Another way to help to end hunger in the Kindersley area, is to purchase Good Buy to Hunger bags at Co-op, or to watch out for the donation bins in stores like Walmart.

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