Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Your Crop Report For September 8 To 14

Farmers made significant harvest progress again this week. Sixty-two per cent of the crop has been combined, up from 43 per cent last week...

Frost Damage: Is Temperature the only Factor that Matters?

As crops continue to mature this season, the risk of frost will have a larger impact on crop harvest timing. Most often when temperatures...

Alberta Bees Hit Hardest by Winterkill

Source: Robert Arnason,, September 15, 2020 Over the last five years, bee colony losses in Canada have ranged from about 16.4 percent to 32...

Woman Killed in Saskatchewan’s 1st Fatal Bear Attack in Four Decades

Source: David Giles,, August 22, 2020 The woman's name and hometown have not been released A Saskatchewan woman is dead after she was attacked...