If you read my article from last week, you already know that I’m not going to talk all about how “hustle” is the key to a rock-solid mindset.

Your key to uncovering your mindset is your own emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Being a student of all things “YOU” is what is going to move you ahead the most, and get you in the “flow” and energy of doing great work that makes a difference in the lives of many.

Your mindset isn’t about pushing past fear, forcing yourself to achieve “no matter what”, and lamenting over failures, loss and unmet goals. That may be part of what makes up the mindset of elite and professional athletes in the moment of competition, but their mindset on all the other days has the long game in mind.

It’s just like that in entrepreneurship, It’s the small actions and habits of the long game that has everything to do with how well you know yourself, your emotional responses, and what holds you back and propels you forward.

The long-game is not a grind. It is an exercise in personal and spiritual growth, of trust and faith, and in sharing the gifts, talents and heart sparks that have been given to you (heart spark=what excites you).

You cannot have the endurance to make it in the long game without being open, ready and willing  to explore your own emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

You might already be doing this! Here’s a few practices that open these doors.

Do you have a mindfulness or meditation practice?
That’s one surefire way to open yourself up to EQ and awareness.

Do you dabble in personal and/or professional development books, podcasts or courses?
Another solid habit to give you new insights and perspectives.

Do you take time to understand your emotions before reacting?
This DEFINITELY is a practice of emotional intelligence. The #1 key to the rock-solid entrepreneurial mindset is emotional intelligence and self- awareness, but it isn’t something you are going to be able to check off your list as an achievement.

It’s a practice and a habit. It’s something that you put focused and consistent effort into every day, knowing that any amount of time you take on those habits will pay off ten-fold in the future.

It’s what keeps you moving forward in challenges, cultivates stronger relationships, and allows you to stay in the flow and vision of why you do what you do.

We all know how short our time here on this Earth is, so get practicing!

Paula Haubrich, ACC, ECPC
Alignment & Leadership Coach
“I help high achievers get it all done without burnout and sacrifice.”

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