Sunday, June 6th at the Kindersley Alliance Church three ladies opened the treasure of music to the around 80-100 who attended.

Imagine a cellist, a clarinetist, and a piano – a bowed string instrument, a wind instrument and a percussive instrument. Each musician is a master of their instrument. Aspiring instrumentalists attend for inspiration and instruction. Seasoned musicians come for the poetry of music. All attend for the joy of music that lifts the spirit.

At first sight you are a bit confused. These well dressed ladies walk and talk like rural folk. They get us rural folk, and we get them. They even provide refreshments at the end of the concert made by relatives and friends!

Clarinetist Vanessa Klassen was born and raised in Kindersley. This summer she will tour with the National Youth Orchestra in Canada and Spain. This fall, she plans on pursuing her Doctoral Studies in Musical Arts at Ohio State University.

Cellist Christina Bakanec was originally from British Columbia, married a local farmer from Kerrobert area, and for the last ten years has played with the Saskatoon Symphony orchestra and brought musical education to rural Saskatchewan.

Vanessa and Christina – Image courtesy of Ron Baker

Pianist, Sindy Yiu, also married a local farmer from the Fiske area. Her journey took here a little further afield, bring her all the way from Hong Kong. Her education was varied, including a Bachelor of Laws and a minor in Music from the University of Hong Kong. She has travelled the world and appreciates arts in any form.

Now, sit and listen to their music.

Beginning strains of calm and peace welcome us to the night hours – the trio stirs our emotions immediately with just a touch of excitement crowning the middle of the piece. Then the clarinet steps forward, turning the instrument into a human voice. Klezmer style
of music includes weeping, laughing, stretching with notes that seem to fall out of the bell of the instrument. Now the cello invites us into a dance, a waltz, an evening of enjoyment – from a piece of music lost to the world for over a century and republished in 1995. As if the dance has just begun, the trio the embarks on Spanish dances, full of passion from beginning to end.

Sindy – Image courtesy of Ron Baker

And that’s just the first part. The final section of music is a four part piece written by Johannes Brahms, composed near the end of his life. The audience is caught up by the early quickness of the piece, then the settled resolve of the middle sections being completed with an invigorated excitement of the final section. This could be a reflection of Brahm’s own life – the early excitement of being a composer, the surety of beauty as he writes over his middle years, and finally, being called back to composing by the inspiration of a clarinetist heard in his retirement.

A hushed comment is made from a few rows back. “I’ve been to good concerts for decades – this one is great!”

Maybe next year they’ll return! We’ll be there, with more friends and family – invited by the music!

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Ron Baker
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