The word “Hustle” has been floating around the entrepreneurial space for quite some time, and it’s always made me uncomfortable.

In terms of the “side hustle” I get it: It’s the side gig that you’re creating on the side of your day job, and requires a little hustle and effort in your spare time. But more often than not, entrepreneurs GALORE are applying this term to every area of their life and business, and it can be very detrimental to them.

A quick google search for books with the title “Hustle” in it brings up endless pages of results, most of those promoting and encouraging hustle.

From all my time coaching, hosting workshops, and connecting with today’s working woman, this notion and celebration of “hustle” is the LAST thing we need to be putting our focus and attention on.

No one seems to have a clear definition of what a healthy hustle looks like. So we’re all left to our own devices, and quite often what’s celebrated is how long of hours we put in, how big the sacrifices are, and how much we achieve and accomplish that defines our hustle.

I’m obviously not going to deny the fact that if you’re putting a lot of your time and attention on these things then you WILL achieve more. But is the amount of what we achieve really the best measure of success and fulfillment in our life and career?

I will always argue that it’s not.

We live in this illusion that how much we achieve, make, acquire, accomplish, is what we should be measuring our worthiness and success on. We’re focused on the destination. And often we are met with exhaustion, burnout, crumbling relationships and insecurity along the path to this destination.

What the focus really needs to be on is the journey. On how we feel and what we’re experiencing in the present moment, as we are doing, sharing, connecting and being in the world.

When we have this focus, it’s not about hustle at all. It’s about a perfect balance of what we need to feel content.

And what our Soul needs to feel content is not made up of external achievement. It’s quality time with the people we love. It’s space, quiet and reflection for our own personal (and spiritual) growth. It’s making our creative expression and the things that light us up a priority.

Sure, there are going to be periods of time where “the pressure is on,” so to speak. But these should be the exception, not the rule, and these periods of time don’t have to be experienced as pressure at all.

It’s amazing how productive you can be when you focus more time and attention on who you’re being rather than what you’re doing.

Go on, try it. I dare you.

Paula Haubrich, ACC, ECPC
Alignment & Leadership Coach
“I help high achievers get it all done without burnout and sacrifice.”


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