We call them our crazy aunties!

Of nine children, they are the only surviving siblings. Add to that, the aunts are twins. Two sets of twins.

When they greet you, they might say – “This is my twin sister, but she’s not my twin!”

All were born in Kindersley (either on the farm or in the hospital). Currently two of the aunts live in Kindersley. The other two live in Ontario. They have been educators, missionaries, business people, housewives, and generally a force wherever they have landed!

Image courtesy of Ron Baker

Imagine the mayhem when they got together this past month here in Kindersley. Not to say that they cause their own wave of commotion. Let’s just say that one person made the observation that getting together with aunts was great – you don’t have to talk! And as one of the aunts said – “We don’t have to listen”. A gaggle of geese has nothing on these ladies!

Apparently in 1939 the Kindersley Clarion ran an article on these ladies. The oldest set of twins were twelve, the younger set seven years of age. When I say “apparently”, I have a photocopy of the article which one of the aunts showed me (the same one that told me I should write this article)!

“Kindersley and district, ordinarily similar to other parts of Saskatchewan, differ in at least one respect. There are no less than 14 sets of twins in the town and district, and Kindersley people feel that is a record for any other Saskatchewan town to shoot at.”

In the late 30’s the town of Kindersley was closer to 1,500 people than to the current 5,000 (or whatever we consider our current population). Fourteen sets of twins! Can’t say we have broken that record in recent years!

As I reminisce on the recent celebrations and “goings-on”, I can’t help but remember that old age gives you some latitude for eccentricity, a bit of space of craziness, and most of all a legacy for following generations.

A midnight game of dominoes, walking through a mud-filled parking lot to eat in an oil field camp kitchen, arranging a potluck at a relatives with less than 24 hours notice. That’s just the verifiable stuff – there are other apocryphal tales that I’m sure will be kept as sacred stories for coming generations.

For those of you who want to verify the actual persons involved in these stories – their names are Muriel Hirons, Myrtle Somerville, Grayce Dies and Joyce Hawton. And just so I don’t get into too much trouble – YES, one of them asked me to write this article!! I won’t reveal my source – unless you ask me.

You’ve got to love those crazy aunties!!

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Ron Baker
Ron Baker is a recently retired (2005) member of the Kindersley community. His roots run deep – his grandfather homesteaded just outside Kindersley in the early 1900's. Ron was born in the old Kindersley Hospital, has made his home in various other communities over the years, but keeps coming back. Committed to the community, Ron has found his local involvement has proved to be great fodder for some hilarious tales and tragic events. His experience in administration and working with people, along with his love for a good story, ought to help to bring daily life to life! Ron blogs at, and is pleased to be a part of the writing “crew” at Kindersley Social.