Town to Apply for Disaster Assistance on Behalf of Citizens and Red Cross to Provide Flood Clean-up Kits for Residents

On July 10, a Severe Thunder Storm Warning was issued for Kindersley and surrounding area. Commencing at approximately 7:00PM, the community experienced winds gusting upward of 74km, and heavy rainfall estimated around 32mm (1.26 inches). Numerous reports are being received regarding the storms damage to private and public property.

Council of the Town of Kindersley will be reviewing the submission of an application to the Ministry of Government Relations to seek eligibility under the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP.) at the July 16 meeting of Council.

Residents are being asked that they contact their insurance providers to start their claims. While not all claims have been confirmed as uninsurable as per the requirements of PDAP, as part of the review, the minimum requirements appear to be met to make Kindersley residents eligible for funding. PDAP is a program of the Government of Saskatchewan that provides financial assistance for restoring essential services and property.

Town Administration will continue to work with local insurance brokers and providers to ensure that applications are made for all eligible uninsurable claims.

Red Cross will be deploying Emergency Flood Clean-up Kits. Properties effected by the flood can be picked-up later this afternoon. Residents can pick-up their kits at the Town Administration Office located at 106 5th Avenue East, Kindersley tonight July 11 from 6:30PM-8:00PM, as well as during normal office hours Thursday July 12 and Friday July 13.

All other inquiries can be sent to the Town Office at (306)463-2675.

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