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Welcome to the Community Toolkit! Over the next few weeks we will show you what it takes to plan and develop community events.

The Community Toolkit guide has been created to assist individuals and organizations in understanding the steps required to plan and develop successful community initiatives, and to know what resources are available. The information compiled can be considered accurate and up to date as of the date of publication or most recent edit, however, this guide may not necessarily be inclusive of all conditions or considerations required for some projects. Plan- ning any initiative, whether large or small, involves many details and it is our hope that this guide helps to get your project off to a good start.

If you require additional assistance or would like to suggest information that could be included in the next revision of this Community Toolkit, please con- tact the Town of Kindersley at 306-463-2675 or


Parades are opportunities to gather community members and visitors alike for entertainment and support. Commonly hosted for holidays and festivals, parades showcase the communi- ty and the people within it. These family-friend- ly celebrations come in all shapes and sizes.

The following steps have been provided to help you to plan a parade and enjoy time with your fellow community members. Feel free to add more items to your list as you need.

1. Determine the theme or purpose of the parade. Identify the appropriate date, time and location that will support your parade theme.

2. Gather assistance from other community members to plan the event.

3. Determine the parade route that will best fit the purpose of your event.

4. Complete and submit an Application for Temporary Road / Sidewalk Closure Permit at the Town of Kindersley Administration Office. Attach a map of the parade route to your ap- plication and be sure to submit it a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the event.

5. Once the permit is approved, invite local organizations, businesses, and community groups to participate in the parade by entering a float.

6. Promote the event through all forms of media in order to reach the many local audi- ences.

7. On the day of the parade, set up barri- cades (delivered or picked up, depending what you selected on your application) within the permitted location and during the permitted timeframe.

8. Once the parade has ended, clean-up all affected public spaces as required. Collect all garbage, candy, and decorations on streets and sidewalks within the area you requested on your permit, returning the street to the condition it was found.

9. Remove all barricades and return them to the location you collected them from.

You may also need the following information to successfully prepare for your event:

Food & Sanitation
Noise Bylaw
Road/Sidewalk Closure Sponsorship/ Partnership Building Insurance


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