New Years resolutions are talked of, and actions taken that soon fizzle.

The realists among us have dropped this ancient tradition! The optimists realize that nothing ventured, nothing gained. The rest of us know we need better, but better requires more of us than we think we can give or want to give.

We do have a desire for passion, for love, for purpose. I place these in the area of the soul. When these fade or disappear, our lives become like misty shadows. People ask us what’s wrong. We ask the same of our selves. And we know we need to change.

Shaking our current beliefs and actions creates a wilderness – a dark night of the soul. But, when the soul is shaken, and the heart is changed, life is regained.

Where is your soul meeting you right now?

As a human, your soul is nourished by others. You can’t get away from people. You’ve got to learn how to live with them. That used to be the place of etiquette, peer pressure or codes of conduct.

We have been fed a line that we need to rid ourselves of these restrictions. In reality, without knowing how to interact with others, without knowing how to be civil, we have retreated into isolationism. We have become lonely. Mental health issues increase, depression rises, stress is not shared, and we create unreachable expectations. We need a rule book of etiquette to allow us to function among others so our souls are refreshed.

As a labourer, whether in training, in action, or in retirement – our souls are nourished by what we do. Examining our work will help to give us life. If money is the end of your work, a recession and joblessness soon cure you! If power is the end of your work, there will always be a boss above you. If contentment is the end of your work, then you can find peace in doing a good job and providing for others.

As a family person, our souls are nourished by healthy relationships. From childhood onwards, we can either lean into the family, or run away from our families. Where there is rejection, our souls wither. Where there is rejection or abuse, forgiveness provides the door in the boundaries we must create. Where there is wholesomeness, genuine care and concern provide whole new platforms of interaction.

As a person of spirit, our souls are nourished by wholesome God relationship. Our greatest need in life is to become overwhelmed with the love of God for us. If God is for us, who can be against us. Find your way to God – let me give you a hint – God is not far from us.

Maybe a little soul-talk this year will be just what you need!

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Ron Baker
Ron Baker is a recently retired (2005) member of the Kindersley community. His roots run deep – his grandfather homesteaded just outside Kindersley in the early 1900's. Ron was born in the old Kindersley Hospital, has made his home in various other communities over the years, but keeps coming back. Committed to the community, Ron has found his local involvement has proved to be great fodder for some hilarious tales and tragic events. His experience in administration and working with people, along with his love for a good story, ought to help to bring daily life to life! Ron blogs at, and is pleased to be a part of the writing “crew” at Kindersley Social.