Xplornet Communications Inc. has made significant investments in Saskatchewan this year and built several new Internet towers, including those in the Kindersley area that recently went live. These new towers allow served rural homes to get faster Internet than previously available from Xplornet and, for the first time, unlimited data packages are also available.

Xplornet has been offering fixed wireless broadband and satellite technology to rural Canada for over a decade. Knowing the challenges of the varied geography in our vast country, Xplornet has used a unique network of fixed wireless and satellite platforms to provide everyone, everywhere with fast, affordable, and reliable Internet.

“As a dealer and installer with Xplornet, I can confidently say that we choose to work with the customer, not the other way around.” Ron Frame from the Lacadena area has been with rural internet providers for nearly 20 years. First, he was with Yourlink, then switched over to Xplornet when it bought out Yourlink in spring 2017.  Throughout his career, Frame’s focus as a dealer/installer is to create a strong personable connection with each customer, rather than just catch a customer for the gleaming sale and dollar figure.

“It’s not about making that sale or bumping up your numbers,” he stated emphatically in a recent interview. “I do what I do because I want to give people that voice and data connection they need for their day to day lives.”

Frame serves a large area in rural Saskatchewan, including the Kindersley, Kerrobert, Macklin, Rosetown and Stewart Valley areas among many others.  Within those areas, he supports and installs equipment to provide voice and data services. For some that means connecting them with internet straight from towers ground-fed with fiber-optic cables, for others out of the line-of-sight of those towers, it could mean satellite connections.

The new towers can connect to rural homes within a several kilometre range. Frame says that with the radio technology advancements on the new towers, getting in line-of-sight of the LTE towers isn’t quite as hard as one might think. “Our connections are designed to “burn” through moderate tree cover and other vegetation, and with more new towers going up over the next several months, more and more people will get better, stronger and faster internet than ever before.”

Headquartered in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Xplornet can boast that it is Canada’s largest rural broadband Internet provider. When Xplornet first came to the Prairie Provinces, they primarily focused on providing satellite connections. Xplornet has since expanded its fixed wireless footprint substantially in these provinces and several other provinces across Canada.

Frame’s experiences as a rural, down-to-earth dealer for rural, down-to-earth customers substantiate Xplornet’s website statement, “our coverage includes every rural Canadian city, coast-to-coast. Xplornet will end Canada’s digital divide, once and for all.”

Do you want faster Internet with unlimited data packages? Want to stream Netflix, watch YouTube or simply enjoy surfing the internet without worrying about data usage or slow Internet ruining your experience? The new towers are finally here and it’s easy to switch! Contact Ron Frame at 1-306-378-7610 or his email at saltburn@yourlink. ca and find out about the latest specials available to you, and finally get faster Internet at your home.

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